Toshitsugu Takamatsu, the former Soke (grandmaster)

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Dojo Weapons Visit the webpage for the dojo's custom made training weapons. These are for our dojo's students (they get a discount) and we also make and ship to martial arts students all over the country. Our Google+ page. Visit us on Facebook and like our dojo page! Official Bujinkan Dojo web page. Our parent dojo. Warrior Information Network. Great site for all Buyu with lots of useful information. Jack Hoban's official site. Good store with a limited selection of some hard to find training items. Free shipping too! Good store to find uniforms, training weapons, and training gear for low prices. Great competitive cheer gym in which the dojo is located. We have our own training room for the dojo, but also use the spring floor. If you have kids interested in competitive cheer, this is a great place with great coaches. It's one of the only cheer gyms in Idaho that has a competition sized floor, so the cheer team practices on the same sized floor they will compete on.

Living-Warrior Dojo is the only authentic Bujinkan Ninjutsu school in the Treasure Valley. Marital Arts school in Meridian, also serving Boise, Kuna, Star, Nampa and surrounding communities with traditional Japanese Martial arts. Bujinkan Meridian, Idaho Martial Arts.