Find here pictures and videos from our dojo, seminars, and other neat media we've decided to post.

Our dojo in Meridian

Our demo at the
2017 Idaho Japanese Association Japan Day 

Training in Japan


This is a short documentary about the late Grandmaster, Toshitsugu Takamatsu Soke, the teacher of our current Grandmaster, Soke Hatsumi Soke.
Here is a neat video that is a tribute to our current Grandmaster.
This is a video of our Grandmaster in action. The intro has a lot of pictures, then it gets into the action . These are two a fun videos of Embu demonstrations in Japan. Remember, Embu is for performance, the movements are often exagerated for the audience. And, while some might be good martial artists, they don't always make good actors ;) Visit us on Facebook and like our dojo page! Our Google+ page.